Our Story

Thank you so much for visiting our website. Mom Brain has been a labor of love and we hope you love the products (and what they represent) as much as we do!

I started Mom-Brain.com because I believe, as moms, we are each special and passionate in our own way. Whether you are the loudest mom at a game, the mom who always has a kind word, or the mom everyone can count on for a good laugh, you deserve to be recognized for your amazing strengths and celebrated for your passions.

At Mom Brain, our goal is to provide a variety of gifts to make moms smile. We know everyone has rough days (or weeks). If one of our mugs, t-shirts, or other products can remind you of your kiddos and how much you mean to them, we call it a success! 

We love and appreciate moms for their diversity, love, strength, unwavering support, faith, and humor throughout all of the mundane details and messiness that is motherhood.

Thank you for being you and for supporting moms everywhere!

Founder, Mom Brain